The First Games in the SeriesEdit

The 93rd Hunger Games was written by District1 Obsessed on January 27th, 2013, and recently completed on February 27th, 2013, therefore taking exactly a month to be completed. If you would like to read it from start to finish it is here.

Tribute GalleryEdit

The ArenaEdit

The 93rd Hunger Games arena was an amusement park. A gigantic ferris wheel over one hundred feet tall was placed in the very middle of the arena. A little ways to the right stood a tall hill that overlooked the arena (except for the ferris wheel that obviously towered above it, of course) The tribute plates surrounded the bottom of the hill, and at the top of it was the Cornucopia. Also near the ferris wheel was the carousel. The carnival games and the carnival rides section were placed next to each other. One of the games produced weapons if you were smart enough to know how to play it right (this helped Connor Houck get his hammer). Most of the carnival rides fell over during the feast however. A significant area in the Games is the fortune telling tent with a crystal ball inside that correctly tells a tribute's future. Near the back of the arena was a hotel, with a restaraunt not too far off.

The MuttationsEdit

Only one muttation was shown in the 93rd Hunger Games, and this was the rabid dog mutt. Read here for more information.


  •  The arena was actually inspired by Hoprocker's submit your own tribute story on Fanfiction.NET. You can read it here.