This page has all the shippings of the 93rd Hunger Games series, both canon as well as non-canon. If you support a certain shipping, check with District1 Obsessed before adding it to this page.



Nillian is the shipping between Nile Flame and Lillian Pumpkin, tributes of the 93rd Hunger Games. They both confessed their love for each other before Lillian's death, Lillian stating it directly while Nile simply talked about it non-verbally. Nile was the first person Lillian actually spoke to after years of being mute due to her mother's death when she was seven. Nile became extremely depressed after her death, and when he was killed by Maiko Fornis he said he couldn't wait to see Lillian again.



March is the shipping between Mason Spartan and Scorch Flare, both tributes of the 93rd Hunger Games. It is the most supported shipping in the 93rd Hunger Games series so far, despite being non-cannon. They were best friends during the Hunger Games and appeared to be very close, and after Mason's death, Scorch was intent on winning for him. When Scorch's mentor sent him pictures of Mason before he lost his eyes, Scorch was even more motivated to win. Scorch losing his eye at the very end of the Games could be symbolizism for the March relationship.


Daffron is the shipping between Dragon Lord and Saffron Star, tributes of the 93rd Hunger Games. There were never actually any hints that the two had feelings for each other, however they had a seemingly love-hate relationship and they had some "moments". For example, during training, Dragon stated that Saffron was the only tribute he actually had faith in. During the feast on the fifth day, Saffron said "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me" after Dragon attempted to attack her. It is unknown whether that statement was accidental or on purpose. They both passed away during the Games, however their rivalry and relationship is one that won't be forgotten.


Kassota is the shipping between Kassidy Feekes and Kota Jimslim, tributes of the 93rd Hunger Games. It was hinted throughout the Games that both of them might've had a crush on each other, however it was never directly stated. Kassidy was crushed when Kota was killed and she avenged his death by decapitating the tribute that had killed him.