Scorch Flare
Scorch Flare
"Today, the flame lives on."
General Information
Age 18
Home District 11
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sword, Slingshot
Fate Alive
Appearance The 93rd Hunger Games

Scorch Flare was the District 11 male in District1 Obsessed's The 93rd Hunger Games. He was the District partner of Violette Meadow. He was the overall victor of the 93rd Hunger Games.


Scorch is described to a troublesome person, someone who gets attention by doing pranks and other mischeif. People referred to him as a 'mistake', a child everyone tries to not to get. He only does this for attention, however, and he is very kind and loyal. He is cautious, though, all tricksters are. He pays attention to his surroundings so he can know exactly where to strike.


Scorch has golden blonde hair that slightly covers his eyes. He has tan skin due to being outside most of the time and he has brownish-gold eyes that seem to have a feline look to them.

After the final battle with Saffron, however, one of Scorch's eyes were removed due to being heavingly damaged and it was replaced with a glass eye that still enabled Scorch to see perfectly. His skin has also gotten a bit tanner with his hair and eyes turning a bit more dull, showing how depressed and stressed he felt during the Games.

Training ScoreEdit

The 93rd Hunger Games: 10