Muttations ("Mutts" being the shortened term) are technically enhanced creatures that may appear in the arena. Their job is to either attack the remaining tributes in order to ensure that the number is brought down to just a few, or to bring tributes together so that they will fight each other. Some mutts can also remind the tributes of their family or friends back home (ex. the jabberjay in the 75th Hunger Games).

The 93rd Hunger GamesEdit

There was only one muttation in the 93rd Hunger Games, however it was extremely ruthless and killed a few tributes. This was the rabid dog mutt, a gigantic dog roughly eight feet tall with razor-sharp claws and deadly canines. They were all identical, with pointy brown ears, short ebony fur, bulging muscles, and beady black eyes. They craved the flesh and blood of tributes, however they refused to feed on one that was already dead.

The 94th Hunger GamesEdit


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