Kathrin Sandstone
Kathri Sandstone
General Information
Age 17
Home District 3
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Spear, trident
Fate Deceased
Appearance The 93rd Hunger Games
Kathrin Sandstone was the District 3 female in The 93rd Hunger Games. Her district partner was Hybrid Javeline. Overall, she placed 21st out of 24.


Kathrin is a tough yet pessimistic person, always managing to find the bad side of things. She is not afraid of voicing her opinion and she has the tendency to snap to people when they try to counter whatever she says. However, she is one of the most loyal people in this competition, and she would never betray or backstab someone she had teamed up with. Having lived in District 3 for her whole life, she is quite good with technology and wiring.


Kathrin has short, light brown hair that comes down to her chin, lightly tanned skin, and leafy green eyes. At the reaping, Hybrid describes her as cute, skinny, and having flushed cheeks that proves she is one of the healthier citizens in her district.

Training ScoreEdit

The 93rd Hunger Games: 7