Hybrid Javeline
General Information
Age 17
Home District 3
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Catclaws, knives
Fate Deceased
Appearance The 93rd Hunger Games

Hybrid "The Shadow" Javeline was the District 3 male in The 93rd Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Kathrin Sandstone. Overall, he placed 17th out of 24.


Hybrid is mysterious, elusive, and sneaky - his dark personality is most likely the reason for his nickname, "The Shadow". Most citizens of District 3 are expected to be crazy smart. Hybrid is in fact intelligent, however he is one of the few in his district that are blood-thirsty and will most certainly kill without mercy, whether he's forced to or not. He's quite mocking and his voice is often laced with sarcasm, however he can be kind to his closest friends or family and he's very elegant and cautious.


Hybrid is known to either wear an emotionless expression or to have a scowl drawn on his pale face. He has long, messy ebony hair that is normally tied back into a ponytail, and dark black eyes. He looks to be rather skinny on the outside, however he actually excels in physical strength and he is quite agile and quick.

Training ScoreEdit

The 93rd Hunger Games: 8


Hybrid, despite being the sneakiest tribute and somewhat Career material, didn't last too long in the Games. He survived the bloodbath, escaping the Cornucopia hill without injury along with his two allies, Scorch and Mason, however he was killed by Lily Moon on the second day.


Before the Games, Hybrid thought that he would've done best alone, however he ended up become allies with Scorch Flare and Mason Spartan during training. The three of them made a good alliance. Hybrid was slightly rude towards them and often snapped at Mason, but that's just because he didn't want to reveal the fact that he needed the two of them severely in order to win the Hunger Games.


Hybrid had a total of kills in the 93rd Hunger Games.


  • Hybrid was killed by Lily Moon, the District 2 female, while attempting to run away from the carousel with his allies after Eliza Garret and Holly Wintercrest warned them that the Careers were pursuing them. He fell to the ground with a knife sticking out of his neck. His murderer was killed by Holly just seconds later.


His allies were pretty shocked by his death, but in about a day they were able to force themselves to move on. His death was considered one of the most unexpected, especially that early in the Games.


  • Hybrid's creator, EHKnight, made this his official theme song.