Erlend Hallaren
Twix Jadé
General Information
Age 15
Home District 2
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Double-edged sword, throwing knives
Fate Currently alive
Appearance The 94th Hunger Games
Erlend Hallaren is the District 2 male created by EHKnight in the 94th Hunger Games. His district partner is Taylor White. He is currently participating, therefore his placement is unknown.


He is very cold and arrogant to people he doesn´t know or trust, a consequence from years of being bullied and being very insecure of himself. But he is warm, humorous and bubbly to people with similar interests or those he feels like he can trust. He loves to draw and write, and has a special obsession for fresh tea. He loves cracking jokes and making others smile, but rarely suceeds. He has a crush on his best friend, Åse Marie AKA. Gandalf.


He has light brown hair in the summer, and dark brown hair in the winter, which is always messy and his bangs hang loosely down his face. He has cold grey eyes and a wide nose. He always has bags under his eyes, as he rarely sleeps. He has a small silver ball earpiercing in his left ear. He is at medium height, and is reasonably fit.


He has yet to appear.


  • He is completely based off his creator, EHKnight.
  • His name was originally supposed to be Twix Yade.