Campanella Loyalty
General Information
Age 14
Home District 7
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Knife, Dagger
Fate Alive
Appearance The 94th Hunger Games

Campanella Loyalty was the District 7 male in The 94th Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Airyn Forest.


Campanella is an intelligent and wise boy despite his young age. He will never leave a friend behind, even if he must sacrifice something in return. He loves animals and he is a homosexual. He is actually an outcast in his District, in fact, everyone thinks he is dead due to what happened in his past. He didn't want to show himself again knowing that it will cause a disturbance and he couldn't face that his presumed death was the cause of his best friend's/crush's death.


Campanella has light blonde hair and he is considered to be quite the adorable kid, being the topic of many girls in his District. He has round, blue eyes that only adds to his cuteness and he normally wears a blue headband, a gift given to him by his dead crush, Giovanni.

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  • Campanella means "little bell" in Italian
  • Campanella, as well as the other people in his backstory, were all named and based off the characters in the Japanese novel, Night on the Galactic Railroad
    • Campanella was originally going to be Giovanni but this was changed later on
    • Campanella's backstory is also similar to the story
      • The owner of Campanella (the tribute) wasn't actually inspired to make Campanella by the novel (although, this is where his backstory is based off of) but rather, a vocaloid song that is also called Campanella that is also based off the novel. You can watch and listen to the song with english subtitles by clicking the link: Click here