Airyn Forest
General Information
Age 17
Home District Seven
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Throwing Knives, Spears
Fate Currently Alive
Appearance The 94th Hunger Games
Airyn Forest is the District 7 female in  the 94th Hunger Games. Her district partner is Campanella Loyalty. As she is particiapting currently her place is unknown.


She is a heartless and evil person. she enjoys killing and torturing people when she feels bored. She can be very mocking and manipulative. She can spin lies out very convincingly. She is cold hearted and hates anything peaceful. She will hurt people's feelings for her own entertainment. She is sly clever, cunning, brave and tricky. She is mysterious and often acts like if she's superior and acts like she is.


Airyn has ebony black hair with bangs on the side. Her wide brown eyes look kind and friendly but she is not. She has freckles. Her skin is a bit tanned. She also has red lips that form a gentle and adorable smile.

Training ScoresEdit